Photos (4) the SouL

"The cake is a lie."

ION Orchard, Orchard Road, Singapore


Clementi Road, Singapore

"Where to?"

Bukit Timah Railway Station, Singapore

"8 legs good, 2 legs bad"

Rag Day, National University of Singapore, Singapore

"Dinner Feast"

Midnight Outing, Lower Pierce Reservoir, Singapore

"Through the eyes of another"

Quarry at Pulau Ubin, Singapore

"Lonesome kite"

Marina Barrage, Singapore

"Kite flyer"

Marina Barrage, Singapore

Carpark, Tanjong Pagar Railway Station - KTM

A smart man would’ve know if he’s wrong, but a wise man wouldn’t be afraid to be wrong.
– Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore